Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broad City

So after 7 days of working in a row I slept for about 12 hours of my first 3 days off, by the second day it was no better. I was awake mentally but my body was still on break, so I thought to myself "what show have I not seen and can I watch a season full of episodes?!" Thank God for Hulu!

The moment I discovered Broad City my life was changed forever.I will warn this show is explicit...sooooo explicit, and it is fantastic! It follows two friends (female...hence the "Broad" in Broad City.) and their fun filed journey to part take in illegal substances and "meet people"...and other random things that could happen in New York City. That is a mild description, this is not a show for children, teenagers or anyone who is made easily uncomfortable or offended by controversial content...

But with that being said Ilana and Abbi are now apart of "Sophia's Feminist Heros Club" for creating a show that can relate to the single 20 something woman who is like the rest of us; still trying to figure it out.

As much as I like my interpretation their interview on Smart Girls with Amy Poehler was a great insite into what what the project means to the creators.

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