Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Music...Wednesday...Middle of the week day XD

First off oh my goodness its the middle of May?...WHHHAATTT. Time flew by.

This year has been great so far, a very productive first 5 months.

including finding new awesome music, by way of the deligtful model Danielle Cosgrove I was intruduced to Hozier. His tone is entrancing. I can blindly listen to his words and still see vibrant images behind closed eyes. If I had to pick a box I would guess a modern version of Neo-Soul.

Take Me to Churn / Hozier

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broad City

So after 7 days of working in a row I slept for about 12 hours of my first 3 days off, by the second day it was no better. I was awake mentally but my body was still on break, so I thought to myself "what show have I not seen and can I watch a season full of episodes?!" Thank God for Hulu!

The moment I discovered Broad City my life was changed forever.I will warn this show is explicit...sooooo explicit, and it is fantastic! It follows two friends (female...hence the "Broad" in Broad City.) and their fun filed journey to part take in illegal substances and "meet people"...and other random things that could happen in New York City. That is a mild description, this is not a show for children, teenagers or anyone who is made easily uncomfortable or offended by controversial content...

But with that being said Ilana and Abbi are now apart of "Sophia's Feminist Heros Club" for creating a show that can relate to the single 20 something woman who is like the rest of us; still trying to figure it out.

As much as I like my interpretation their interview on Smart Girls with Amy Poehler was a great insite into what what the project means to the creators.

Friday, April 18, 2014


So let me say that there will be spoilers! I am so happy about this last weeks Scandal. Olivia and Jake run off, Command is back, Huck found his family!...Oh and Quinn and her weird boyfriend are not together anymor...YAY!

What better way to end the season! I cannot wait for next season.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Steal of a Deal!

Hey there snazzy people!

As always I am looking for a steal of a deal and wanted to share where I find my deals online.


They have a wide variety of designer names and even some unheard of options for around 75% off as well as fumazing daily deal. Which is always awesome. By the way they are by Nordstrom Rack!

Little Black Bag

They are filled with gems. How it works is you can get an item at a discount price or pay a little more for a bundle which includes two additional free items that you can trade with other little black baggers. I have had some great come ups.

Stylez for less

This is not my first stop; the items tend to be very low in quality and desentigrate easily when washed and dried. However I have found some good options that are slowing becoming my favorite pieces. Also you can pay 5.00 annually and get an additional 10% off your purchases yearly and 20% off for the week of your birthday, natrually excluding already marked down prices.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday

Welcome back! I feel like I need to say that to myself, this last week has been crazy nuts. I got a new job, an Artist Position with MAC, as well as my hubby and crew competed in a 48 film contest for a film festival. So I've been all about that life this week. But never mind you I still am back with a new gem.

So I found MODSUN (Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None) on YouTube like most things and I was completely infatuated. I immediately started to google everything I could find out about this person and listen to anything I could find.

In a genre like Hip-Hop there is typically a display of consistent dominance over all; fiscally, socially, lyrically, creatively, and physically. MODSUN is no different in most regards, the career of being a rapper greatly requires you to be bosterous; what I find with MODSUN is there is an aggresive level of happiness. No matter what he is speaking about. Let me provide the prefece that I love Hip Hop, well music in general, so there is no biased against any persona. I may not agree with you, but as long as you aren't out blantly lying about what you present I will most likely still bumb it in my stock speakers until they crackle from being blown out. Here is my current little of obsession by him "My Hippy"