Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday

Welcome back! I feel like I need to say that to myself, this last week has been crazy nuts. I got a new job, an Artist Position with MAC, as well as my hubby and crew competed in a 48 film contest for a film festival. So I've been all about that life this week. But never mind you I still am back with a new gem.

So I found MODSUN (Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None) on YouTube like most things and I was completely infatuated. I immediately started to google everything I could find out about this person and listen to anything I could find.

In a genre like Hip-Hop there is typically a display of consistent dominance over all; fiscally, socially, lyrically, creatively, and physically. MODSUN is no different in most regards, the career of being a rapper greatly requires you to be bosterous; what I find with MODSUN is there is an aggresive level of happiness. No matter what he is speaking about. Let me provide the prefece that I love Hip Hop, well music in general, so there is no biased against any persona. I may not agree with you, but as long as you aren't out blantly lying about what you present I will most likely still bumb it in my stock speakers until they crackle from being blown out. Here is my current little of obsession by him "My Hippy"

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