Thursday, March 27, 2014

"The Cat Eye"

Of all the eyeliners this one is coveted, and has taken me a conciderable about of time to get it down just how I like it. All I can advise, besides using a gel liner and a great brush, is to practice. You will gain more confidence and it will show in your strokes. The best part about "The Cat Eye" is that it is a timeless classic that goes great with any lip color and outfit.

1. Take you Angled brush (MAC 266) or Straight Line Brush (MAC 210) and load it up! (This means to coat both sides of the brush with your gel liner)

2. Start by following your lower lash line at the corner and pull it up towards the end of your brow, stop the angle where ever you feel is best for you.

3. At the end of your angel pull down back to your upper lash line you should have a triangle right about now.

4.start in the middle of your lid to start the line, that way that part of the line is the thickest, and connect to your formed "triangle".

5. No take whats left on your brush and create a thin line from your tear duct towards the established middle part of the liner.

6. Go through and make sure all the spots are filled in and Viola!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Monday

I hope everyone's Monday ended super well!

As the blog is getting older everyday I want to make sure that I am organizing my details as best as possible. I want to share so much because I have so many things going on. For me knowledge is only as good as what you share; if I find a new fact, band, recipe, etc it is my obligation to infest the masses with this!

So our days will have some themes so they are a tad bit more organized...Lets start with Music Monday!

Kina Grannis is a genuine singer/songwriter in a modern cultural were pop hits are being turned out at a rapid rate due to mass production. At times the listening experience can seem disingenuous, but alas we have be given Kina Grannis. Syndicated radio, that plays pop 40 almost exclusively, is more common than not making Kina Grannis a breath of fresh air. Seriously I was listening to the local radio and 3 stations were playing the exact same YG song at the same time, nothing against YG (I'm actually an appreciator) but I would like some variety with my radio waves. She has single handedly written her upcoming album "Elements", which if "The Fire" is anything to go based off is going to be a heartfelt journey only she can convey. The release date is May 6th, so mark your calendars.

"The Fire"by Kina Grannis

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hapy Sunday! On one of my previous post I posted a playlist with my favorite obssessions and SAVEMONEY from Chicago is always in my ears these days.They are infesting my radio waves as often as possible.

I encourage you to give them a try, a fuse of underground hip hop with the influence of the 90's neo soul rap.

Here is the video for Vic Mensa's Mixtape and Tokyo Shawns "World Turning" Ft Joey Purp. The best part is you can get their Mixtapes free from the links below:

Download the Mixtape Here!

Tokyo Shawn "World Turning" Ft Joey Purp

Community Service Mixtape can be downloaded Here!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wet 2 Straight

This is not a process I would utilize if I had time, EVER! However we sometimes have moments when decisions must be made. In this case I had a limited amount of time to complete a hair style.

Firt off I have insanely curly hair; type 4B if you are familiar with the naturally curly reference. I wanted a specific style for a look at work for the week which would require my hair to be straigthened and I didn't have the time to blow it out AND flat iron it.

Sooooo I did what anyone would do, I took a shortcut. I used the Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron. I've had this flat iron for about 3 years now; I cannot speak to the actual length of life quality of the item because I use it so infrequently BUT I can speak to turn out.

The technology behind the item is that it is supposed to use steam generated by your wet hair along with the heat of the flat iron's plates to remove moisture and straighten your hair simultaneously.

It totally works!

Now here are the PROS: It cuts down your time, for me it was half the time of the normal process and it also actually straigtens your hair pretty nicely.

Cons: It smells like my hair is burning when I use it also when I use it too much my hair is pulled too hard and causes breakage.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Foodie: Italian Kale Soup

Yesterday on Instagram I posted a picture of my lunch for the week and I received a pretty positive response. Here is my super simple and delicious recipe!

Here is what you will need!

1 package of Spicy Chicken Italian Sausage from Trader Joes

1 package Organic Chicken Broth from Trader Joes

1 bushel of Kale (Cleaned, Stemed and Chopped)

2 cloves of Garlic

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 cups of water

It is really simple, take you package of sausage and break it up (or beautifully slice it) brown in olive, mince garlic and add to the browned chicken sausage. Turn down the heat so the garlic doesn't burn. Add the water and Stock bring to a simmer for about 10 minutes. Add Kale, simmer for 10 minutes and enjoy!

I modified this recipe from skinnytaste and you can totally modify this recipe too!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Face Charts

As a makeup artist you need face charts for many reasons; mainly they help you to plan and be creative when your friends and family members are tired of being voluntold to be a model for you.

For years I was taking sketching paper and drawing my faceshape, for every face chart, and then doing my thing. It is time consuming and I was not wanting to make them as often as I wanted to use them.

But mother universe is kind and was able to gift me with Julia Salvia and viola! My years of struggle and strife have concluded!

Here is Julia's tutorial that I used to start making my own face charts.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I just had to share what I discovered! So for the photos the last few days I have been using thie online service called fotor, it allows you edit you pictures by creating frames, changing the filters, adding lights, etc.

I have been searching for a way to make the changes from my desktop; there are tons easily accessible on your iPhone that are free and decent but I really wanted access to a go to service/app when I didn't want to use photoshop.

The only down side is that when you edit a photo and you want to include it in a collage you have to save it to your desktop and then re-upload it to the program.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hair How To: Soft Waves

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

this is super easy, just curl your hair with a curling wand all over your head ( in about 1 in sections) Let your hair cool for about 15 minutes, I let my cool while I did my make up. Then coat your hand lightly with an emolient ( I used the chi silk) and then run your fingers through your hair to seperate the curls. Then I took a wide toothed comb and brushed downward. Be careful with the end of your hair, if it feels as though it is tangeling you want to comb out your ends first. Do so very gently. Work with your hair to get the best part and then set with a hair spray. I used the L'oreal Hairspray. I didn't like it very much so I will be looking for a new hairspray.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Foodie: A Strawberry Snack

I love food, I love many things I admit, but I love food. I am always looking to try something new...always. Roaming the streets of Sacramento all the way to San Fransico to eat [and thrift] is one of my favorite things to do. But that doesn't mean that if I dont get out of house that I still eat home made food with the same vigor; I assure that is not the case.

My favorite person to get recipes from is my Sister-In-Law Ruth, she is always trying new thinsg for her husband and two delightful children and when she does I am lurking around to catch a wif, hopefully a bite, and most certainly to get the recipe to try and replicate it or modify it for my taste buds specifically.

And now I am going to share it with you, my lovely reader to enjoy (If you are allergic to strawberries try any other berry with a soft skin, raspberries perhaps.)

Take some sugar or honey, about 7-8 Large strawberries, lastly about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water. You want the texture to be kinda of like a spread.

use a small sauce pan add water and sugar/honey. bring to a boil.

add your berries and bring back to a boil then lower to a simmer.

This part takes about 15 minutes; all I looked for was the strawberries going soft and the water turning a soft red.

I let the mixture sit for a moment then I used an emerson blender to mix it and Voila!

I enjoyed it on some cinnamon toast with blue cheese crumbles. Ruthie describes it as magical with her yogurt, pretty much eat it anyway you wish.

Stay Classy, Sophia Elaine

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hair How To: Goddess

This is the time of year for beautiful Up-Do's for Prom/Weddings/Just about every day spring looks. Here is my go to looks for a quick "Goddess" like look with braids and twist.

Note: if your hair does not have a lot of natural Volume take the time to add some before styling by curling it and then separating the curls to add texture and volume other wise your rolls will fall a little flat.

1) Divide your hair into two parts: front and back, ending the front part at your crown. The crown is the invisible line from the beginning of one ear to the other side. Take back half and set aside in a rubber band.

2) For the front part you can choose to incorporate a two strand twist or dutch braid. I go between either frequently. start from your side where you want the braid to be highest and start your french braid. The key to a smooth braid is to me sure you are only adding hair to one section. Ex: if you are twisting out of the two parts only pick up hair for the part you are bring to the other side.

3) In the back part into two; group at the bottom and roll up using your fingers and pin into place.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

World Book Day!...I think its for kids, but what the hey!

I have never heard of World Book Day until yesterday and imagine my surprise when I discovered it. I la-la-la love to read; as a child after it was bed time I would often creap out of the bed and grab some of my favorite Dr. Seus' and Box Car Kids (I loved the Box Care Kids). I would always fall asleep in magical places. Dreaming in rhymes and adventures. I did not want to get in trouble so I would sneakly hide them under my pillows and forget to put them back. When I awoke the next morning my father would find them as he was cleaning my room. My love of books has never deminished. Chuck Palahniuk, Augusten Burroughs, Malcolm Gladwell, and Michael Pollan are just the start of my favorite authors. From essays to 3 inch thick books, I cannot seem to get enough.

But to take is easy on you here are a few of my faves I definetly recommend reading!

1) Running With Scissors

I'm sure this on the top of the list for most people I know page, I love the book because it makes my childhood look like a suburn dream, Thanks Augusten!

2) Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

This book continues to blow my mind everytime I re-read it. Have you ever wondered why you bought that God awful lip colour that you knew wouldn't look good? This will help you understand the power of your subconcious mind and how it made you buy the colour.

3) Making Faces

I love this book because I am a Make Up Artist and I love to read and browse anthing that inspires creativity and shares tips and techniques. This should be in any cosmetic enthusiasts or professionals library, a must have for all artists. It has a wide variety of looks from natural to celebrity inspired. A fantastic read.

4) The Fountain Head

I read this book during my senior year in high school and found myself capativate by the characters and their choices. This is not a read for the squirmish, it will require some thought and genuinely challenge your interpurtation of humanity and human behavior. So naturally I loved it!

5) Fall On Your Knees

This was a recommendation from my Sister in Law Ruth. This novel transcends generations and family secrets while addressing ethnocentricity, homophobia, and poverty; one of my favorite novels. The characters are very well developed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Play List: Recent Obsessions

I am a bipolar music listener; I could listen to something with insane base and then the next track could be an acoustic set. I'm cool like that. I be to playlist what key be to lock...well...not really, only sometimes. Any howser, this is a compelation of some of my recent obsessions. Some I've discovered endlessly wondering YouTube, Soundcloud, or Facebook and Friends. I do hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make Me Up: Nails at Home

I typically take the time to treat myself and get a Gel Manicure which is amazing (If you ever are in Sacramento, CA you should visit Picasso Salon on Folsom Blvd) and the service is always fantastic and it lasts for two weeks. But as of late my schedule has been prohibiting me from setting an appointment and I needed to resort to my old school ways and have fallen [back] completely in love with this process! (and you know what they say...ain't no school like the old school, well at least that's what I say...sometimes.)

What you will need:

a bowl (glass)

cuticle remover (sallys or amazon)

Base coat I love instant artificial's from sally's or amazon

Top Coat (Seche Vet from sallys or amazon)

Cuticle stick/ push[er]...I'm uncertain as to the name, but the wooden stick :) a

and of course a nail color of your choosing!

I'm a sucker for black nail polish, so that is what I will be using by OPI

1.) Take some warm water and let you finger tips soak for about :30 - a minute.

2.) Take your cuticle remover and apply it to your nail beds, by applying this it will make pushing them back effortless and will prevent you from cutting them. ( also if your nails are dirty you can take this opportunity to take a small hand scrubber and lightly dust it across the tips of your nails to clean them) rinse after you've pushed the cuticles back.

3.) Pat dry your hands and apply the base coat, I used Instant Artificals. (Let dry for about :30 - a minute, depending on how wet it still looks) You only need a thing layer. This is to make the color long lasting.

4.) Take your color of choice (for me its Black Onyx by OPI) and apply two coats. Applying them thinly by starting slightly above the nail bed and pulling to the top).

5.) Once you have your color applied let it dry again for about :30 - 1 minute. Now this is magical because Seche Vet can be applied while your nails are still drying and it will increase the drying speed (its like a liquid fan in a bottle, a gift from the beauty fey)

Viola! You are completed, enjoy your beautiful and time efficient manicure.

Note: For a longer lasting finish if you use your hands heavily throughout the day or your nails are still brittle, Apply a fresh cost of Seche Vet every day and it will keep it glossy.

Until next time, Stay Classy!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Do you have a case of the Monday's?...

Let this cure your Monday know what they say?..."No one ever expected the Spanish Inquisition!"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Well, hello there...

Welcome to All My Somethings a blog where I share with you all of my many somethings...but I'm guessing you've picked up on that(you're so smart)! I am always researching something; as a typical "know it all" I live for the days when I can give someone correct information. From Make Up to information on social and global issues...literally anything I have absorbed I want to regurgitate. I started this blog to be able to put to use some of this extra information. So lets be friends, total BFF's.