Thursday, March 27, 2014

"The Cat Eye"

Of all the eyeliners this one is coveted, and has taken me a conciderable about of time to get it down just how I like it. All I can advise, besides using a gel liner and a great brush, is to practice. You will gain more confidence and it will show in your strokes. The best part about "The Cat Eye" is that it is a timeless classic that goes great with any lip color and outfit.

1. Take you Angled brush (MAC 266) or Straight Line Brush (MAC 210) and load it up! (This means to coat both sides of the brush with your gel liner)

2. Start by following your lower lash line at the corner and pull it up towards the end of your brow, stop the angle where ever you feel is best for you.

3. At the end of your angel pull down back to your upper lash line you should have a triangle right about now.

4.start in the middle of your lid to start the line, that way that part of the line is the thickest, and connect to your formed "triangle".

5. No take whats left on your brush and create a thin line from your tear duct towards the established middle part of the liner.

6. Go through and make sure all the spots are filled in and Viola!

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