Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make Me Up: Nails at Home

I typically take the time to treat myself and get a Gel Manicure which is amazing (If you ever are in Sacramento, CA you should visit Picasso Salon on Folsom Blvd) and the service is always fantastic and it lasts for two weeks. But as of late my schedule has been prohibiting me from setting an appointment and I needed to resort to my old school ways and have fallen [back] completely in love with this process! (and you know what they say...ain't no school like the old school, well at least that's what I say...sometimes.)

What you will need:

a bowl (glass)

cuticle remover (sallys or amazon)

Base coat I love instant artificial's from sally's or amazon

Top Coat (Seche Vet from sallys or amazon)

Cuticle stick/ push[er]...I'm uncertain as to the name, but the wooden stick :) a

and of course a nail color of your choosing!

I'm a sucker for black nail polish, so that is what I will be using by OPI

1.) Take some warm water and let you finger tips soak for about :30 - a minute.

2.) Take your cuticle remover and apply it to your nail beds, by applying this it will make pushing them back effortless and will prevent you from cutting them. ( also if your nails are dirty you can take this opportunity to take a small hand scrubber and lightly dust it across the tips of your nails to clean them) rinse after you've pushed the cuticles back.

3.) Pat dry your hands and apply the base coat, I used Instant Artificals. (Let dry for about :30 - a minute, depending on how wet it still looks) You only need a thing layer. This is to make the color long lasting.

4.) Take your color of choice (for me its Black Onyx by OPI) and apply two coats. Applying them thinly by starting slightly above the nail bed and pulling to the top).

5.) Once you have your color applied let it dry again for about :30 - 1 minute. Now this is magical because Seche Vet can be applied while your nails are still drying and it will increase the drying speed (its like a liquid fan in a bottle, a gift from the beauty fey)

Viola! You are completed, enjoy your beautiful and time efficient manicure.

Note: For a longer lasting finish if you use your hands heavily throughout the day or your nails are still brittle, Apply a fresh cost of Seche Vet every day and it will keep it glossy.

Until next time, Stay Classy!

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