Thursday, March 6, 2014

World Book Day!...I think its for kids, but what the hey!

I have never heard of World Book Day until yesterday and imagine my surprise when I discovered it. I la-la-la love to read; as a child after it was bed time I would often creap out of the bed and grab some of my favorite Dr. Seus' and Box Car Kids (I loved the Box Care Kids). I would always fall asleep in magical places. Dreaming in rhymes and adventures. I did not want to get in trouble so I would sneakly hide them under my pillows and forget to put them back. When I awoke the next morning my father would find them as he was cleaning my room. My love of books has never deminished. Chuck Palahniuk, Augusten Burroughs, Malcolm Gladwell, and Michael Pollan are just the start of my favorite authors. From essays to 3 inch thick books, I cannot seem to get enough.

But to take is easy on you here are a few of my faves I definetly recommend reading!

1) Running With Scissors

I'm sure this on the top of the list for most people I know page, I love the book because it makes my childhood look like a suburn dream, Thanks Augusten!

2) Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

This book continues to blow my mind everytime I re-read it. Have you ever wondered why you bought that God awful lip colour that you knew wouldn't look good? This will help you understand the power of your subconcious mind and how it made you buy the colour.

3) Making Faces

I love this book because I am a Make Up Artist and I love to read and browse anthing that inspires creativity and shares tips and techniques. This should be in any cosmetic enthusiasts or professionals library, a must have for all artists. It has a wide variety of looks from natural to celebrity inspired. A fantastic read.

4) The Fountain Head

I read this book during my senior year in high school and found myself capativate by the characters and their choices. This is not a read for the squirmish, it will require some thought and genuinely challenge your interpurtation of humanity and human behavior. So naturally I loved it!

5) Fall On Your Knees

This was a recommendation from my Sister in Law Ruth. This novel transcends generations and family secrets while addressing ethnocentricity, homophobia, and poverty; one of my favorite novels. The characters are very well developed.

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