Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hair How To: Goddess

This is the time of year for beautiful Up-Do's for Prom/Weddings/Just about every day spring looks. Here is my go to looks for a quick "Goddess" like look with braids and twist.

Note: if your hair does not have a lot of natural Volume take the time to add some before styling by curling it and then separating the curls to add texture and volume other wise your rolls will fall a little flat.

1) Divide your hair into two parts: front and back, ending the front part at your crown. The crown is the invisible line from the beginning of one ear to the other side. Take back half and set aside in a rubber band.

2) For the front part you can choose to incorporate a two strand twist or dutch braid. I go between either frequently. start from your side where you want the braid to be highest and start your french braid. The key to a smooth braid is to me sure you are only adding hair to one section. Ex: if you are twisting out of the two parts only pick up hair for the part you are bring to the other side.

3) In the back part into two; group at the bottom and roll up using your fingers and pin into place.

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