Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wet 2 Straight

This is not a process I would utilize if I had time, EVER! However we sometimes have moments when decisions must be made. In this case I had a limited amount of time to complete a hair style.

Firt off I have insanely curly hair; type 4B if you are familiar with the naturally curly reference. I wanted a specific style for a look at work for the week which would require my hair to be straigthened and I didn't have the time to blow it out AND flat iron it.

Sooooo I did what anyone would do, I took a shortcut. I used the Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron. I've had this flat iron for about 3 years now; I cannot speak to the actual length of life quality of the item because I use it so infrequently BUT I can speak to turn out.

The technology behind the item is that it is supposed to use steam generated by your wet hair along with the heat of the flat iron's plates to remove moisture and straighten your hair simultaneously.

It totally works!

Now here are the PROS: It cuts down your time, for me it was half the time of the normal process and it also actually straigtens your hair pretty nicely.

Cons: It smells like my hair is burning when I use it also when I use it too much my hair is pulled too hard and causes breakage.

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