Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hair How To: Soft Waves

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

this is super easy, just curl your hair with a curling wand all over your head ( in about 1 in sections) Let your hair cool for about 15 minutes, I let my cool while I did my make up. Then coat your hand lightly with an emolient ( I used the chi silk) and then run your fingers through your hair to seperate the curls. Then I took a wide toothed comb and brushed downward. Be careful with the end of your hair, if it feels as though it is tangeling you want to comb out your ends first. Do so very gently. Work with your hair to get the best part and then set with a hair spray. I used the L'oreal Hairspray. I didn't like it very much so I will be looking for a new hairspray.

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